Friday 12 October 2007

It all gets worse and worse for Ming

Another day, and the pressure is growing ever more intense on beleaguered Lib Dem Leader Sir Menzies Campbell. Now that the hot air of the election that never was has now evaporated, a piece in this morning’s Guardian (,,2189705,00.html) reports that with the yellow vote limping along on 11% (behind the Conservatives on 41% and Labour on 38%) in the recent Ipsos-Mori opinion poll published in the Sun, the knives are now being sharpened for the ageing leader.

Several whispers in the Commons have indicated that senior Lib Dem MPs (if the phrase is not oxymoronic) have already approached Ming demanding his resignation, or face a leadership challenge. The Telegraph also quotes an unnamed source, who commented: “Time is up. We have had a life-threatening experience. The whole dynamic changes now that there is no election for 18 months. We will get him. There is no support for him in the grassroots”.

Frankly, this author wonders what the Lib Dems expected when they overlooked their younger candidates in favour of an OAP with a resemblance to Albert Steptoe. Then again, given some of the lurid details published at the time – not to mention those that escaped the headlines – perhaps its no surprise that the Yellow Tendency plumped for third choice (some things never change).

With no election expected for at least the next twelve to eighteen months, any short-term dip in the party’s fortunes are likely to be overcome under a new leadership of either Nick Clegg or Chris Huhne, assuming that they don’t destroy one another in the ensuing contest.

Still, who isn’t looking forward to the spectacle of the so-called nice party exposing their true colours, with various betrayals, backstabbings and outings taking place in the full public glare?

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