Wednesday 24 October 2007

Brown down at PMQs. Again.

Gordon Brown being destroyed by David Cameron in PMQs is no longer news. Its weekly occurrence has made it just another midday point in the Westminster week, serving only as a half-hour advertisement in Brown’s lack of either composure or oratorical skill.

However, the one point of interest this week was Ian Austin MP (Brown’s Parliamentary Private Secretary) being rebuked by the Speaker for shouting abuse at Cameron, usually when the latter was about to make a telling point against the Prime Minister. This is actually the second week in a row that Austin has had to be reproached for boorish behaviour during PMQs.

Unsurprisingly, David Cameron contemptuously brushed away such antics before laying once again into an increasingly fuming Brown. The Prime Minister hardly did himself any favours when he accused Cameron of misleading the House, following the latter quoting from the recent Gould report on the Scottish election debacle.

Considering the complaints with which Labour persistently piped up back in 1996-97 regarding Conservative MPs barracking Tony Blair at PMQs, Brown’s own hypocrisy serves only to highlight his own shortcomings throughout a parliamentary spectacle in which he is now universally held to be a regular loser.

I wonder what Blair makes of it all?

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Anonymous said...

I imagine Tone and Cherry are 'aving a good laugh!