Tuesday 9 October 2007

Dim-Leb watch:

Which former police chief was heard recently at a parliamentary function, pouring cold water on the aspirations of Lib Dem mayoral hopeful Brian Paddick?

The unnamed individual commented that:

“Brian Paddick is a pleasant enough guy, but it often became frustrating trying to deal with his constant demand for the spotlight.

“I promoted him twice (in the Met), but wouldn’t have done so a third time… His colleagues both senior and junior were tearing their hair out trying to accommodate him. His endless showboating just became too much”.

Paddick, formerly Metropolitan Police deputy assistant commissioner, is most remembered for his scheme in Lambeth to avoid arresting people for smoking cannabis. He later resigned from his post after claiming that he was sidelined by Sir Ian Blair, "because I spoke the truth", also branding the Met “authoritarian”.

He has refused to offer any further details regarding either charge, as this may jeopardise the six-figure deal he struck last month with publishing firm Simon & Schuster for his autobiography.

But reading between the lines, the message from his colleagues seems to be that the current Lib Dem mayoral frontrunner is a petulant and egotistical poser, who alienates colleagues when he feels he is not given enough credit for his contributions to group projects.

How utterly unlike the Lib Dems…

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