Thursday, 5 July 2007

Labour announce candidate for Hornsey and Wood Green

Hornsey and Wood Green Labour Party have recently announced that their candidate at the next General Election will be Karen Jennings, spokeswoman on health issues for the trade union Unison.

The modest Ms Jennings explained the decision by saying: “They needed a political heavyweight and an experienced campaigner, and fingers pointed at me. It got me thinking I might be the right person”.
Noting Ms Jennings’ failure to guarantee that she would necessarily put the needs or views of her constituents before that of her union, it appears that HWG Labour has moved startlingly leftward, particularly given the nature of the constituency’s previous Labour incumbent, Nu-Lab wet Barbara Roache, who was voted out at the last election.

It does make you wonder however why the local Association needed to look as far afield as Streatham to parachute in a candidate who is whispered to be totally unacceptable to almost half the local party. Then again, maybe no surprise at all given the stories of party infighting amongst HWG Labour members currently making the rounds…

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